Perfekt Clumping Cat Litter



Perfect Clumping Cat Litter; is 100% natural and environmentally friendly, contains no chemical substances, clump immediately and strongly (the clumps are easy to remove with a shovel ), is extremely absorbent and productive, economical in consumption, remains dry, does not dust almost at all (is 99.5% dust free), binds unpleasant odors, is made of 94% white bentonite, contains no dyes, has the finest grain size (0.5 mm-2.5 mm) and is gentle to the paws. Application Fill the cat toilet about 7cm high with perfect cat litter. Remove and dispose of the lumps directly into the Biotonne every day. Fill up the perfect cat litter to a height of 7cm if necessary.



The cat litter from natural minerals, for example white Sand, Bentonite, Sodium Bentonite (mostly greenish grey color), Diatomite or Sepiolite should be preferred.

Chemical substances, such as Silicon Dioxide and Cobalt Chloride containing litter should not be used. By licking the paws, the chemicals in the cat litter can enter the cat's body. When using the chemical litter, the cat holders should also not come into direct contact with the substance, do not touch them with naked hands and if possible do not inhale the smell.


Hygiene in the natural litter is achieved by heating to 800°C and by heat treatment. The heating process has two important reasons. The first is to free the spread of microbes and bacteria (and to prevent their Regeneration). The second reason is increasing the absorbency of the litter.

Because of the cost preferred sun drying method is not enough that the cat litter becomes hygienic and absorbent, but replicates the bacteria.

Very Low Dustiness

Cat litter should not dust. With the algae sieve system, good spreading of dust is freed and due to the double sieve particles defined as dust are completely sieved below 600µm.

Due to their structural properties, however, the Diatomite and Sepiolite minerals have no agglomeration properties. Even if they are well sifted, there is the problem of dust formation due to friction between the granules during transport and the displacement.

White Color

Since cats see black and white, they choose white more easily than intermediate colors, and get used to their litter easily.

Another advantage of the white cat litter we could call the simple color observation of urine. Darker urine might warn you about the health of your cat.


Lump is the natural property of the cat litter obtained from Bentonite. When your cat urinates, lump and harden the wet zones. If you throw away the lumps with a shovel, the litter remains clean.

The ability to inhibit bad odors is directly dependent on the absorbency of the litter. To the scattering of the minerals with the highest fluid absorption capacity are Diatomite and Sepiolite. Sepiolite is slightly better than Diatomite.