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made in Germany, no GMO's, healthy formula

First of all, we love animals and we consider them as our family members. Our primary focus is to provide them with a quality, balanced and active lifestyle. The most significant factor to attain this goal is a balanced nutrition formula.

What we mean by a balanced nutrition formula is a good source of protein, fatty acids and a sufficient number of supplements of vitamins and minerals. The balanced nutrition formula will ensure that our pets are healthy, happy to own their owners and make the traders of this to drive a profit.

Why should you prefer us over the others?

The pets market is a unique market that grows every year, all over the world. On the other hand, this fact appeals to many investors and entrepreneurs.

As a result, it also makes the market to be a competitive one. In all countries, international brands have been distributed by importers and distributors for a long time. As a result of this, your options become very limited, and all you have to do is either to find a non-international brand that is not yet distributed, or you will create your own brand.

By doing so, you will be competitive and the end consumer satisfaction must be better than that of other brands. We come into the play at this point. You can make use of our existing brands, besides we can offer you tailor-made solutions and help you create your own brand.

Whichever option you choose, we ensure that your achievement percentage is high and increases fast. We are a team of specialists dedicated to the pet industry with years of experience. We adjust our disciplines in accordance with a 100% customer satisfaction according to different tastes of every single country.

Pet Perfekt Production

Even only this principle makes us different from the other producers. We are well aware that pets in every country have their own taste like human beings do. We are designing an outfit for you with a manner of a tailor.

Pet Perfekt Production

Pet Perfekt Production

Pet Perfekt Production

Pet Perfekt Production

Pet Perfekt Production

Pet Perfekt Production

At the same time, our work is also based on speed, in other words, we want you to reach and sell the products as fast as you can, so return to us at the same time and order again. This is only possible by foreseeing the obstacles that you might face in the future, and this is what we work for.

Do we send samples?

Of course, we are sending samples. Samples are delivered to you in small packages without paying any shipping costs. If you have more than one sample in the original packaging, the shipping fee will be sent to you. These types of shipment are subject to customs and you are required to apply customs procedures.

Import Support

Importation documents

We prepare all the documents you need precisely, and we deliver the containers to you for the approval before departure. We know that each country has different importation rules and paperwork. The documents must be complete, in order for an import to happen smoothly. That’s what we provide.


We can easily organize both of them on behalf of you. Do not doubt that we will choose the most affordable and fastest route for you.

What is the minimum order quantity?

40 feet container (22 EU pallet)

To be an official distributor?

Supposing that the samples that we sent to you have passed your quality control and you have already revised the standard price list, and now you want to move onto the next step.

We make a contract in which the annual import schedule, the shipment dates, and the discount rates in accordance with the annual purchase quantity are written on both sides. We plan reciprocal support for your distributorship in order for you to be competitive in your country. Fast and trouble-free sales, satisfied end consumers ensure you to get ahead of budgeted imports, that’s what we do.