Perfekt Katze, Kitten Chicken 15 kg



Perfekt Katze Kitten is a high quality and balanced complete food aiming a healthy growth of kittens. It improves the immune system while maintaining healthy bone and muscle structure of the kitten in a duration of four weeks up to a year.


It is also important for our domestic cats and dogs, which are our family members, to be fed healthily.

Made in Germany

Our products are produced in Germany in accordance with the food codex, with the permission of the German Ministry of Agriculture.

The Perfekt Classic series has been registered officially as complete Cat / Dog Food by the German Ministry of Agriculture thanks to its formulas and components contained in Cat and Dog food.

All Formulas are patented, tested and certified for 6 (six) months before serial production.


All protein sources that used in ingredients of the food are the same as those used for human nutrition. Meat resources not suitable for human consumption are not utilised .Thanks to this, your pet will be able to make its scat and gas odorless and in less quantities.

No Trans Fat

Our products do not contain trans fat. The fat is digested in the body, thanks to the good quality of fat used your pet is prevented from becoming obese in the middle and long term.


Our products do not contain GMOs.

High Vitamin and Mineral Content

In all Perfekt Classic series animal foods, vitamins and minerals are used in recommended amounts in accordance with FEDIAF (The European Pet Food Industry Federation). Properly formulated Vitamin and Mineral components provide healthy bone development and ease of digestion, preventing possible skin diseases and reducing hair loss.

A healty dentition is ensured thanks to the calcium, phosphorus and D vitamins and their components contained in our products. In addition to that, tartar/plaque formation as well as undesired nibbles are thus prevented thanks to the hardness ratio and optimum gauge of the grains.

Hygienically Packed

All packages are hygienically packed with zipper and doypack. .Thus, by locking the zipper of the package, the the product remains fresh in a long term even when it is not used. Thus, opened packages remain fresh up to 8 months.


Meat and Animal Products, (40%), Cereals, Vegetable Products, Oil and Fats, Beet pulp, Vitamine & Minerals

Analytical Components

  • Protein 38,00
  • Fat Content 20,00
  • Crude Fiber 2,50
  • Raw Ash 7,00
  • Humidity 18,00
  • Calicium 1,10
  • Phosphorus 0,90
  • Sodium 0,30

Nutritional Additives

  • Vitamin A 20000
  • Vitamin D3 2000
  • Vitamin E 550
  • Vitamin B1 12
  • Vitamin B2 42
  • Vitamin B6 24
  • Vitamin B12 200
  • Niacin 200
  • D-Panthenol 100
  • Biotin 900
  • Folic Acid 6
  • Choline Chloride 2500
  • Taurine 1500
  • Copper (Copper-(II)-Sulfate, Pentahydrate) 0,60
  • Manganese (Manganese-(II)- Oxide) 80
  • Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 0,45

Daily Feeding Recommandation

  • 2-3kg 45-65g
  • 4-5kg 65-80g
  • 5-6kg 90-100g
  • 6-7kg 110-125g